I3PV – Integrated, Innovative, Intelligent
5.-6- Mai 2020, in Brüssel

The future of the energy system is electric. The future is solar PV!

By 2050, when the world must achieve carbon neutrality, ETIP PV’s forecast based on conversion efficiency improvements and Solar PV’s declining cost is that solar PV will supply 70% of the world’s electricity generation. We will use solar PV to move, heat, cool, drive eco-friendly industrial processes and produce fuels. Solar PV will be deployed everywhere, in systems large and small, designed for productivity and aesthetics as required.

“Integrated PV” (PV deeply embedded into components used in the building industry or car industry, for example) will play a key role in this scenario. This will be a profitable market for Europe, with high potential for growth, which will bring numerous business opportunities. It needs R&D attention and accelerated innovation.

This conference will highlight the latest advances in all major Integrated PV applications and how they will contribute to the energy transition as well as EU-based value creation. Industry leaders, scientists, engineers and policy makers are invited to join the debate on 5&6 May in Brussels!

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Conference flyer: ETIP PV Conference 2020 on Integrated PV